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Loose fit Bahtinov Mask for Camera Lenses - Filter thread fit

This Bahtinov Mask fits any camera lens with a filter thread - just choose the appropriate size. It's a loose fit and sits on the end of your lens when it is pointed at the sky. On lenses where the filter thread moves with the focus mechanism, this allows you to remove it without disturbing the focus (if this is not the case, the clip-on mask is recommended).

Each mask is 3D-printed from durable, environmentally-friendly PLA plastic, and is coloured white for easy handling in the dark.

Please note that Bahtinov masks in general are less effective at short focal lengths; 100mm is generally considered the limit.

Loose fit Bahtinov Mask for Camera Lenses - Filter thread fit

SKU: 364215375135191
PriceFrom £10.00
  • In the unlikely event you are unhappy with your mask, or you change your mind or ordered the wrong size, it can be returned for a refund or replacement within 30 days.

  • Bahtinov masks have been an astrophotography essential for telescopes since their invention by Pavel Bahtinov in 2005. These masks extend their use to DSLR cameras, where they also excel at medium-to-long focal lengths.

    It can take a little more work, however; sometimes you can use the live view display on your camera, whereas other times you may need to take an exposure to discern the diffraction pattern.

    For more information, consult this excellent guide:

    These masks are a loose fit on your lens' filter thread; gravity will hold it in place while you focus. Afterwards, it can be lifted off without disturbing the focus.

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